An international reference point in the sector of advanced filling machines

EKOFILL is a point of reference in the sector of high quality and technological content filling machines.
The constant technical development of the product as well as the high standards of service following on a global scale the independent and not independent medium and large-sized bottlers, have allowed EKOFILL to enter the developing markets such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

EKOFILL presents itself on the market with a range of very neat machines from an hygienic point of view and with cutting-edge solutions.
In particular for weight fillers whose weighing control system is made by leading companies in the sector and consists exclusively of commercial components that are easily available on the market without binding the customer to the purchase of spare parts.

Great technologyLower costs

EKOFILL’s strenght is the fact of using a sector leading company technology , but with definite lower and fixed costs as well as a reduction in the cost of mechanical parts which concerns an important percentage of the cost of the machine.

AssistanceTeleservice after-sales service

The level of after-sales assistance is absolutely strategic for the positioning of EKOFILL and for the loyalty of its customers.

5 key pointsto satisfy all of ourcustomers' needs


With regards to the delivery times, installation,testing and commissioning of the machine.


Tests carried out by specialized personnel within the company are an integral part of the entire production cycle of the machine (production of parts, quality control of the same and final pre-shipment testing)


Assistance department always at your disposal and available for any need ( focused especially on “Teleservice”).


Spare parts availability for parts manufactured internally guaranteed for a period longer than that required by the laws in force.


Guaranteed 48 hours delivery time for spare parts present at stock

Long-time experience

For over 40 years they have been in the field of numerically controlled machining centers for the production of parts for packaging and filling machinery. Mr.Chiavelli, the Managing Director, began with “Cortellazzi Martino SPA”, (manufacturer and supplier of complete lines for the bottling of beverages such as: wine, soft drinks, mineral waters, juices, oils).

Creating later his own company becoming the official supplier of the main national and international players in the Packaging sector.
Today, thanks to specific investments in production and R&D, we have become a reference point for the net weight filling machine market worldwide, particularly in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Gianluigi Chiavelli
Managing Director

The strength of the group

A considerable advantage is obtained thanks to the direct connection with the full cycle production of mechanical components.
This also allows to respond quickly with an efficient after-sales service, machine modifications and upgrades.