Standard deviation σ = 1gr referred to 1Kg; guarantee of accuracy and money saving especially when filling expensive products.

No contact between the container and the filling valve, very important for sensitive products such as milk, yogurt or fruit juices.

Flexibility in managing the filling of containers with different capacities and products for which the operator can create or recall existing recipes from the touch screen.


Net weight fillers use electronic load cells which, through the machine’s PLC, first measure the weight of the empty container (tare) and then the weight of the container during filling until the exact weight of the product required is reached.
All load cells are monitored in real time on a “touch screen” panel (HMI).
These fillers can treat containers by the neck (“neck handling”) or from the bottom (“base handling”).

Dosing by weight of the content

The weight dosing technology determines the quantity by intervening not on the container but on the content. Therefore Ekoweight is the ideal machine for filling sensitive products and products with small pieces such as sauces and yoghurt to drink.
The circuit of the product is extremely simple, easy and safe cleaning and with modest consuption of washing liquids

The product also benefits from this simle construction because during the transfer there are no stress situations that could change its characteristics such as the separation of components, the incorporation of air, loss of transparency etc.

A- Tap, centering plate
B – Load cell; continuously detects and transmits the weight.
C- Electronic card; the “brain” of the system which commands the opening and the closure of the tap according to the parameters assigned by the PLC (D).

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Different machine configurations are available:• Rincing machine only • Filling - capping machine • Rincing - filling - capping machine


Rinsing – Filling monobloc for PET, HDPE, CANS containers with a wide range of products

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Filling – Dosing – Capping monoblock for PET, HDPE, CANS containers with a wide range of products.

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Blowing suction – filling – sealing machines for PET, HDPE and CANS containers with a wide range of products.

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