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Ekofill aspires to an internationally significant position in the industry by offering fillers of high quality and technological content in order to place the Company at the highest levels of the sector. How to achieve these objectives?

Through continuous technical development of the product, while maintaining a high standard of service and at the same time following worldwide independent bottlers and bottling groups, medium and large size, with special attention to developing markets, such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The strength of EKOFILL is to propose technology and quality as the leading companies of the sector, but with lower costs achieved by the containment of fixed pricing and the reduction of parts in design expenses. This, thanks to the direct involvement of an important and well-established manufacturer of mechanical parts and size parts for the packaging industry. Link that also allows us to respond quickly with after-sales service, modifications and updates of the machines.

Ekofill enters the market with a very accurate range of machines from the point of view of hygiene, with special attention to the weight fillers. We use these latest, cutting-edge technologies currently offered in the market, trying to customize at the minimum  the electronic parts in order to not bind the buyer on the purchase of commercial pieces for the entire life of the machine.