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The levelling fillers EKOBAR

The levelling fillers EKOBAR are indicated for filling fillerbonated drinks, such as mineral water, CSD, energy drinks, beer, wine in PET or glass bottles.
The following are some advantages of this type of filling:
  • An 'excellent level of accuracy with a standard deviation SIGMA 1mm (in the version with level correction).
  • A 'good result regarding the oxigen pickup value during the filling of beer and wine.
  • Flexibility in the control of filling bottles with different capacities and products, where the operator can create or recall existing programs from touch screen (HMI). The levelling fillers EKOBAR  use pneumatic valves connected to a touch panel screen B & R (HMI).
The levelling fillers EKOBAR are provided for the  "neck handling" or "basic handling" bottle techniques in different configurations: single filler, filler-capper, rinser-filler-capper.
The transmission of motion among the various sections (eg. rinser-filler-capper) can be mechanical or by means of electrical axis between the motors.