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The net weight fillers EKOWEIGHT

The net weight fillers EKOWEIGHT are suitable for filling containers in PET, HDPE, cans with a wide range of liquid products, from food products such as milk, yogurt, fruit juices, olive oil, mayonnaise , ketchup etc. to cleaning products such as floor cleaners, window cleaners, laundry detergents, fabric softeners etc. to personal fillere products such as shampoo, conditioner, cream, gel, up to industrial products such as mineral oil for engines,  bleach (filler antacid version) The various types of products can be either low and high viscosity.
The following are some advantages of this type of fill:
  • No contact between the container and the filling valve, this particular very important for sensitive products such as milk, yogurt or fruit juice .
  • A standard deviation of 1g refers to 1kg, which ensures excellent accuracy thus saving money, especially when they are filled with expensive products .
  • Flexibility in the control of filling containers with different capacities and products, where the operator can create or recall existing programs from the touch screen.
The net weight fillers EKOWEIGHT are equipped with HBM load cells connected to a touch panel screen B & R (HMI).
The net weight fillers EKOWEIGHT are provided for the  "neck handling" or "basic handling" bottle techniques in different configurations: single filler, filler-capper, rinser-filler-capper.
The transmission of motion among the various sections (eg. rinser-filler-capper) can be mechanical or by means of electrical axis between the motors.